Zayn Malik posted an 8-sec 1D video in a snappy response to that Liam Tea

Zayn Malik posted an 8 second video to his Instagram where he captures the high note of One Direction’s song “You & I”. It comes after former band member Liam Payne said there were “many reasons” why he wasn’t a fan of Zayn on Logan Paulpodcast from last month.

In the black and white video, Zayn sings the 1D song into a handheld microphone and manages to cover about 4 different octaves in one word. King shit.

Now we can’t really say for sure if this video is a ~direct~ answer to Liam’s interview with Logan Paul, but seriously…how could it not. The timing is just too coincidental.

If you need a quick refresher, Liam shared a bunch of personal stuff about Zayn on the horribly named “Impaulsive” podcast a few weeks ago.

“There are many reasons why [I’m not a fan of Zayn and] there are many reasons why I will always, always be by his side,” Liam said.

‘My parents support me so much that it is sometimes annoying. Zayn has had a different upbringing in that sense,” he added.

None of the other 1D guys have responded directly to this train wreck of an interview, but like Zayn, some guys have been posting some Timely content.

After the interview went live, Niall Horan posted a carousel of studio photos on Insta, hinting at new music in the works. Louis Tomlinson set up its own carousel in honor of his recent Away from home tour.

These posts showed that both Niall and Louis were clearly engaged in far more impressive and healthier pursuits than airing their dirty laundry outside to impress Logan Paul. Of all people.

Harry remained Harry and dominated the world as our pop king. He probably suffers the least of them.

Zayn was bidding his time but hoooo boy was this video worth the wait. I, along with millions of other Directioners, have been waiting for the day when Zayn would recognize One Direction again. I live my best life rn.

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Image: Zayn Malik on Instagram

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