You’re a brainteaser if you can find the 49’s unique pillow in under 15 seconds

FOR those who can solve this puzzle, you are said to be a “brainteaser buster” if you can get the job done in less than 15 seconds.

Are you among those who can find the odd pillow out of place in this difficult brainteaser?


You could be a brain teaser if you can find the unique pillow in less than 15 secondsCredit: Cozy Living

The furniture experts at Living Cozy have created a series of interior themed visual puzzles that might leave you speechless.

There are repeating pillows in this particular colorful brain teaser.

However, one of the pillows is completely different from the surrounding ones.

The pillows have different, different patterns, but can you spot the strange pillow lurking between them?

The wide range of colors and shapes in the mix seem to deceive the eye and camouflage the unique pillow.

If you’re having a hard time identifying the pillow, focus on the top left corner of the image.

You will see a teal cushion that is the same color as some of the other cushions but has a distinct fish pattern.

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The unique cushion is located in the top left corner of the image


The unique cushion is located in the top left corner of the imageCredit: Cozy Living

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