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Today, readers are commenting on conservative SA liberals targeting moderates after the party wiped out the election.

Commenting on the story: ‘Make the party great again’: Libs’ Right-wing faction in Colton coup

Well, if Alex Antic believes he’s going to improve the liberals’ electoral fortunes by reusing tired and smelly old Trumpist slogans, then I wish him the best of luck.

But I can’t help thinking that he has a bad idea of ​​the mood of the people, who have now twice emphatically rejected his far-right, populist kind of conservatism.

But go ahead Alex, keep going! The longer you and your colleagues stay in the self-imposed political wilderness, the better off the rest of us – including the planet – will be off. – Cass Selwood

Can Senator Antic spell out his principles clearly for all of us to see. No declarations of maternity allowed. -John Clayton

If the right-wing faction could make stats, they’d see the Australian voters reject the right wing and vote for center and center left in the state and federal polls.

Liberals could be in the wilderness for a very long time if they think American-style ideas will get them voted down. – Patricia Chigwidden

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