DaniLeigh’s break from social media seems to serve her well. After taking a few months to focus on herself and her daughter, the hitmaker “Cravin” returned on Mother’s Day (May 8) to not only reveal her and DaBaby’s child’s name, but also play new music. teasing to which she apparently broadcasts her ex. †

In case you missed it, in late 2021, Dani and Baby found themselves in a very public back-and-forth after the “VIBEZ” rapper declared her his “certified side bitch” on Instagram Live, among other antics. Things have been relatively quiet between the two for the past few months, although in February we did see a fight break out between your brother’s mom, Brandon Bills, and her baby daddy.

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Jumping back on the app yesterday, DaniLeigh shared a sweet video dedicated to her baby girl, whose name she revealed, Velour. “I can’t believe I’m your mama,” she wrote in the caption of the heartwarming montage.

“Thank you for being the greatest blessing and giving me purpose! I love you my beloved girl @velourbabyleigh. Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful mothers today! It’s your day.”

On Monday, May 9, the 27-year-old fueled her Instagram followers again — this time with a quick teaser of some new music she’s been working on, arriving on DSPs tomorrow morning.

The single is called “My Side”, and while it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, many are speculating that Dani will voice her issues with DaBaby on the track. “You know you’re dead to me / Never kept your word with what you said to me,” she sings.

“You know you’re dead to me / I have no more time for toxic energy, no no,” the clip concludes – watch it above and tap it back in with HNHH on Tuesday afternoon to stream DaniLeigh’s single “My Side”.