Yamato joins One Piece’s straw hats in style with epic new fan art

Yamato is the most requested One Piece character to join the Straw Hats. New fan art stylistically depicts their place with the pirates!

Warning: contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1051

The lineup of One Piece’s pirate crew the straw hats is filled with strong characters of infamy and skill, and now in a new piece of fan art from artist ED, the most requested member of the crew Yamato has been added to the list.

Yamato has become fame in One Piece’s last arc, Wano Country. They are major’s child A piece opponent Kaido. Although Kaido took over the land from Wano and enslaved the people, Yamato developed a deep appreciation for the Wano samurai Kazuki Oden. Yamato quickly became popular with fans for their impressive strength and strong convictions. Now all that comes to life in a new piece of fan art!


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Posted Twitterfan artist ED adds to the hype with this A piece fan art that feels like a dream come true for Yamato fans, especially since there’s finally confirmation that Yamato is finally joining the Straw Hats in chapter 1051 of A piece† While Jinbe, Sanji, Bartolomeo and Luffy feature prominently, the main focus of the fan art is Yamato’s presence side by side with the crew. ED’s decision to put Yamato in the center and title the art “The Big 5” is no accident. Yamato’s inclusion coupled with their placement at the focal point of this fan art feels poetic to so many A piece fans. Their highly anticipated membership of the Straw Hats has often dominated fan discourse for the manga, and this fan art offers a satisfying conclusion to Yamato as they embody their idol Kozuki Oden and travel the world with the pirates in search of adventure.

Eiichiro Oda designed One Piece’s artwork to be different on purpose. ED takes Oda’s signature signature and styles it for this fan art. The focus on the geometric angles of the characters is still there, along with line weights similar to Oda’s style. This piece really shines in the way the characters interact and interact with each other and in the way ED hilariously dresses everyone in different formal tuxedos with little nods to each character’s personality. It makes perfect sense that Jinbe’s shirt would be gold plated, that Yamato’s shirt would have mystical motifs after their Devil Fruit transformation, that Luffy wouldn’t wear his coat at all, and that Sanji and Bartolomeo wear their suits perfectly. Having everyone in formal attire emphasizes the unity and cohesion that Yamato will feel with the Straw Hats.

In this new fan art, ED Yamato gives a funky yet fun interpretation of their inclusion in the Straw Hats series. The upbeat quality of the art coupled with the whimsical clothing elements really make it clear how excited fans are to see Yamato’s recording. ED’s creativity comes into play in the piece, using a cool color palette that unites the contrasting warm color palette of the parchment background. This stylish and fun image of A piece from ED gives fans the chance to see a uniquely styled Yamato as part of the straw hats

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