X-Men’s Magik stars in new fan art recreation of a classic cover

Artist M. Lee Lunsford unveiled a beautiful recreation of Bret Blevin’s iconic cover for Magik #4, with Illyana Rasputina embracing her dark side.

A piece of beautiful fan art by artist M. Lee Lunsford pays tribute to the classic X-Men character May I by recreating Bret Blevin’s beloved cover to Magik #4 (1983) with a modern artistic style. Illyana Rasputina has revolved around the X-Men since the 1970s, but in the last decade has grown into one of the most beloved characters of all time, a powerful young woman known as Magik who has spent her entire life dealing with with and overcoming terrible trauma and abuse.

Illyana is the younger sister of Piotr Rasputin, the iconic X-Man known as Colossus, and was first introduced in 1975. Giant X-Men #1 as Piotr’s young, innocent sister whom he rescues from a runaway tractor on his family farm, triggering the first manifestation of his mutant abilities. Since then, Illyana has become a staple of the New Mutants and then of the X-Men, dealing with a terrible childhood imprisoned in the hell-dimension by the demon Belasco, before finally breaking free from her shackles and the became queen and wizard. from Limbo itself.


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M. Lee Lunsford is an incredibly talented artist currently releasing their webcomic Nothing of nothingbut in their spare time they draw and place really beautiful art on their Twitterincluding a reproduction of Bret Blevin’s cover for the 4th and final issue in the Storm and Illyana: Magik limited series from 1983. Magik’s character history is long and complex, but much of her early childhood in the dimension of Limbo is told in the May I limited series – written by X-Legend Chris Claremont with art by Tom Palmer – that focuses on her abuse by Belasco and his second-in-command S’ym, before Illyana wrestled control of Limbo from Belasco and its new ruler. After years of being tortured by the two demonic villains, Illyana was trained in combat and magic by multiverse versions of Storm and Kate Pryde, eventually manifesting for the first time one of Marvel’s most powerful weapons, the Soulsword, and using it to banish Belasco. However, as seen in Lunsford’s recreation, using her Soulsword corrupts young Illyana, giving her horns and beginning her journey to become the demonic Darkchylde.

The art of M. Lee Lunsford adapts Blevin’s classic cover with a more modern style, emphasizing the power of Magik’s Soulsword, while paying great attention to details of the original cover, such as the little scorpion perched on top of the row of books. state. May I It marked a turning point for Illyana, as it ended with her using her stepping discs to return to Earth ten years older, though hardly anything had passed in her home dimension. Back on Earth, Magik joined the New Mutants, led by Dani Moonstar and Cannonball, and became a key member of the X-Men while constantly dealing with the dark side brewing within her and her increasingly complex relationship with her. brother Colossus, who simply could not understand the demonic path on which his sister was placed. This storyline culminated in the beloved ’80s crossover event hell where Illyana completely allowed the Darkchylde to come out, using her immense powers to send back the demons of Limbo, before seemingly dying, she was later found to have reverted back to her innocent 7 year old self. Fortunately, the current arc on Vita Ayala and Rod Reis’ New mutants is directly related to the trauma Illyana suffered in Limbo and during hellby letting her travel to the dimension and give control of it to Madelyne Pryor, the former Goblin Queen and ruler of Limbo.

M. Lee Lunsford is beautiful fan art portraying the young May I just as she created her infamous Soulsword and free herself from the clutches of Belasco is the perfect tribute to Bret Blevin’s classic cover of Magic #4.

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