Writers are encouraged to continue “Bird by Bird” – The Denver Post

Dear Amy: My beloved partner, “B”, has been a successful author and has received much satisfaction (and public acclaim) from it.

During a break, B took a job making ends meet and has been plodding the 9-to-5 ever since.

Every few months B gets an idea for a new book. B has an agent and the connections to get it published.

B will get SUPER excited about the idea and talk about it for days.

I start to think about how I can help, offer perspectives and give compliments: and then it fizzles and we are both sad.

B messes with a job to pay the bills, pursues hobbies and friendships – and takes care of our household in the most wonderful way.

I wish I could think of a way to direct all that enthusiasm toward action, instead of watching my partner fall out at the idea stage.

I know B would be extremely proud to complete a new project. I hate to see them feel so bad about the inability to make progress.

How can I help? And if that doesn’t work, how do I avoid getting sucked into the enthusiasm and disappointment of ‘B’?

– Happy to help

Dear Happy: Nothing expresses a writer like the pressure of success, especially when that success is followed by a silence (and they all are).

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