Worker disappears after accidentally paying £150,000 for a month’s work – 300 times his salary

An EMPLOYEE has disappeared after being accidentally paid £150,000 for a month’s worth – 300 times his salary.

The unnamed employee of the Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos should have been paid £450 in May.


An employee has fled after accidentally paying £150,000

Instead, the lucky employee, who lives in Chile, accidentally received 300 times his salary.

Instead of paying back the company, he took the money and went on the run. He has not been seen or heard from since.

According to local news channel Diario Financiero, the man reported the discrepancy in his salary to his manager, who took it to HR.

He agreed to return the stock and told his employer that he would go to the bank the next day.

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Although he did go to the bank, he actually took the money out and ran away.

Consorcio – which makes cold cuts – spent the next three days trying to get hold of him.

However, the only contact they got in return was from his lawyers — who offered his resignation.

The company had no chance to accept its decision to shut down as the man has not responded to further messages.

Bosses filed a complaint with law officials, accusing the man of misappropriating funds.

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No arrests have been made.

The average home wage in Chile is around £750 per month.

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