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The lifeless body of Sandra Johanna Alvarez Solano, 37, was found in a roadside field outside Bogota, Colombia – she had been brutally murdered with cuts to her throat, face and abdomen

Sandra Johanna Alvarez Solano, 37, was murdered and her baby was cut from her belly

A woman who miscarried paid hitmen to kill a homeless pregnant woman and steal her baby.

The lifeless body of Sandra Johanna Alvarez Solano, 37, was found on April 9 in a roadside field in Soacha, outside Bogota, Colombia.

She was found with cuts to her throat, face and abdomen after being partially eaten by carrion birds.

The woman was half-naked, her hands and feet were tied and her entrails were hanging out. Her blood-soaked clothes were found nearby.

She is believed to have been brutally murdered the night before at the behest of 23-year-old Yadira Alexandra Yepes Sotelo.

Yadira Alexandra Yepes Sotelo, 23, pictured during her arrest


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Sotelo has been arrested by the authorities and is said to have confessed to the disturbing crime.

Soacha mayor Juan Carlos Saldarriaga said a woman who had previously lost her own baby had paid the equivalent of £3,080 for the murder of the pregnant woman and the theft of her unborn child.

Mayor Saldarriaga told local news: “The murder victim was a homeless woman who they were trying to win over and earn her friendship so that they could carry out the deeds later.

Yadira Alexandra Yepes Sotelo, 23, is said to have admitted the crime


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“It’s a grim subject. The perpetrator of the acts under investigation was paid 15 million pesos.”

Sotelo had reportedly lost her own baby two months earlier and instead of telling her partner or relatives, she allegedly continued to pretend she was pregnant.

She then tried to pass the stolen baby on for her own.

Her family took her and the newborn to the hospital after she said she had suddenly given birth.

This CCTV reportedly shows a woman with a baby in her arms as she walked alongside in a rural area close to where the body was found


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Doctors at the hospital found she didn’t have the physical characteristics and hormonal strain of a newly pregnant woman, which raised their suspicions.

Police said they discovered inconsistencies in her statement when questioning her.

CCTV footage was later found showing her with a baby in her arms as she walked alongside two men in a rural area near where the body was found.

She reportedly has a criminal record for violent theft and was under house arrest for another murder at the time of the last crime.

The baby is reportedly in the care of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute and is said to be in good health.

Sandra’s baby was stolen from her during her 37th week of pregnancy.

Police are now trying to locate the two suspected material authors of the crime.

The homeless woman was found murdered the next day


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It is believed that the three teamed up to lure Sandra, a homeless woman, by inviting her to consume hallucinogens in the area where her body was found.

There, the men allegedly used a knife to commit the crime, causing the victim to bleed to death.

Sotelo has reportedly been charged with aggravated murder, torture and trafficking of children and adolescents.

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