Woman proposed on Parklife stage ‘can’t stop crying’ after receiving honeymoon gift from festival boss

Indy Geraghty, 23, who was proposed on the Parklife stage yesterday, has said she ‘can’t stop crying’ after being offered a free honeymoon by the festival’s boss. Sacha Lord has also promised to give Indy and her now-fiance Myles free entry to the festival for life, after the pair were targeted by trolls online.

The pair, from the Scottish Borders, took to the stage yesterday afternoon during the Yung Filly set with Indy’s boyfriend, Myles Goodfellow, 25, who had agreed ‘weeks before’ to put the question to the rapper’s manager and social media. -star.

After the video of the proposal went viral, Lord put out a call to find the couple, then spoke to Indy on the phone as they traveled back from the festival to Scotland, making the offer to pay for the honeymoon. She also got in touch with the Manchester Evening News on Twitter.

Indy Geraghty receives proposal from friend Myles Goodfellow

She tweeted: “I was that girl, I can’t stop crying reading that post. I’ve had a hard time and never really had a lot of family. My partner doing this yesterday was one of the best days of my life. He is my family. Waking up this morning to hateful comments was no fun. We get through and ignore them.

“I am so grateful for all the nice posts and sweet comments. They ignore all the bad. I can not believe it. Reading this article has made me so happy and I can’t stop crying.”

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, she said: “The proposal was a complete shock! When we got to Parklife, I quickly realized we were going for a meet and greet with Yung Filly, but I didn’t realize that was going to happen. I had absolutely no idea about it and as you can see from the pictures and video I couldn’t even speak.

Woman proposed on Parklife stage 'can't stop crying' after receiving honeymoon gift from festival boss
Myles had been keeping plans to propose a secret

“I cried very happy tears when Sacha called me. Not many good things happen in my life, so when something like that happens, it has a huge impact. Myles had arranged it all with Filly’s manager weeks before.

“We both have regular jobs and don’t have a lot of free time, so I think it will be a few years before we can pay for our wedding, but I certainly don’t mind waiting. I hope we can do it in the next two years, but nothing is planned yet. I’m still in shock from yesterday and the amount of attention it has sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions.”

Woman proposed on Parklife stage 'can't stop crying' after receiving honeymoon gift from festival boss
Yung Filly celebrates with the couple

Lord, who is also Manchester’s overnight economics adviser, told MEN: “I spoke to Indy as she was driving back to Scotland. She was very upset this morning. You could tell she was. I think we have drawn a line. have put.

“Don’t read, it’s the beginning of your life, go on and enjoy it. This has certainly been a trip they will never forget. She now has my number, she and Myles, she can call me anytime, come to one of our events and they sit down, pick a wedding date and then we’ll talk about packing them up on vacation.”

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