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The 26-year-old hospital worker, named only NM, and her boyfriend were arrested after her former landlady made the shocking discovery in the Indonesian city of Makassar

Seven fetuses were found in 26-year-old’s flat after she moved out

A woman is arrested after discovering seven aborted fetuses in a room she rented.

The shocking discovery was made when the mother of the unborn babies – a 26-year-old hospital worker identified only by her initials NM – left the guest house in the Indonesian city of Makassar.

The guest house’s landlady, Nulfah Anugrahwaty, discovered the fetuses when she went to clean NM’s former room, but was put off by a horrible smell.

She traced the stench to four taped boxes in a corner of the room before discovering the fetuses.

Conflicting reports described the fetuses being found either in the shoe boxes or in a single ice box.

Evidence collected by the police in Makassar


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Police were called and tracked NM and found her in the Konawe Regency in South Sulawesi. Her boyfriend was also arrested in South Kalimantan province, nearly 1,000 miles away.

The couple was returned to Makassar for the police investigation.

According to reports, NM has told police that she and her partner had been performing the DIY abortions since 2012. The last self-termination took place last year.

The horrifying discovery was made by the landlady


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NM claimed she took an unspecified concoction to abort her multiple pregnancies, while her boyfriend would then help get the unborn babies out.

Asked about the motivation for their actions, she said they had performed abortions to avoid the stigma of conceiving outside of marriage in the predominantly Muslim country.

Abortion is illegal in Indonesia, with the exception of some exceptional circumstances such as rape.

The woman’s boyfriend was also arrested


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Police are trying to figure out why NM kept the fetuses in her room instead of throwing them away or burying them. It has not been disclosed what charges the couple will face.

According to guttmacher.org, researchers estimate that about two million induced abortions occur in Indonesia each year, and deaths from unsafe abortions account for 14-16% of all maternal deaths in Southeast Asia.

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