With the follow-up to Hamdan bin Zayed.. 3 technical colleges are opened by the “Red Crescent” in Fiji

Abu Dhabi (WA)

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority, under the follow-up of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler’s representative in the Al Dhafra region and chairman of the Authority, has inaugurated three technical colleges to support the education sector in the areas affected by Hurricane Winston, which hit the Fiji archipelago three years ago. Each college consists of three complexes, including classrooms, technical laboratories and administrative offices, at a cost of 18 million and 365 thousand dirhams, benefiting 3,000 students annually.
The Red Crescent had begun establishing these colleges after the hurricane, which wreaked havoc on infrastructure in those areas, especially the education sector, which was badly hit by the disaster’s effects. Therefore, “the Commission” paid great attention to it and the regions of Lotoka, Sigtoka and Lubao Namwe were chosen to realize the aspirations of rational leadership in improving the level of education in the archipelago, which faces major development challenges due to hurricanes and natural disasters to which it is exposed from time to time.
A delegation from the Authority recently visited Fiji to carry out a number of humanitarian tasks, led by Red Crescent Secretary-General Hamoud Abdullah Al-Junaibi, with the opening of technical colleges, in the presence of a large number of officials and people in Fiji.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Al Junaibi emphasized that these projects herald a new phase of the Red Crescent’s development and education efforts in Fiji. Since need is the basic criterion for providing necessary services and carrying out development projects needed by the population in countries and arenas that regularly witness natural disasters, especially on islands and coastal areas, as is the case in the Fiji archipelago , it also confirms the great dissemination that the Authority has achieved in the implementation of projects and programs for people affected by disasters and crises in all continents of the world. international community and international humanitarian organizations.” Al-Junaibi said: The UAE Red Crescent initiatives in the field of education are a true embodiment and real translation of the efforts of the Authority and its actions aimed at investing in man, to realize his aspirations and maintain his dignity by rehabilitating him and preparing him well for a better future for him and his family, emphasizing the efforts of the Authority’s development process, pointing out that education is the main entrance to bring about comprehensive development in the different regions and squares.The bonds of love and peace grow and the values ​​of human brotherhood are strengthened.”

building specification
Al-Junaibi said: The Red Crescent wanted to ensure that the building specifications in those areas are of high quality and have characteristics appropriate to the nature of disasters that strike Fiji from time to time, and that they can withstand hurricanes, wind and earthquakes. It is noteworthy that the Fiji archipelago, which consists of more than 300 islands, has been subjected in recent years to a number of successive cyclones (Gita, Jose, Jose and Winston), which have severely affected the humanitarian conditions of the local population there. and led to massive destruction of basic infrastructure services, especially in the education sector.

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