Why Your Brain Overthinks Things Before Bed (and How to Stop It)

When it comes to falling asleep, are you Team Over-Think or Team Doze-Off-As-Soon-As-Your-Head-Hits-The-Pillow? If it’s the latter, we’re really jealous of you.

Bedtime should be the time to switch off, get cozy and step into the land of kinks. But for many of us, it’s actually when our minds run wild until we chase away any chance of getting that wonderful sleep we crave.

Not only do we start thinking about the stress of the day, we often think about the most random things ever — like how many movies Reese Witherspoon has starred in, or the name of that comedian whose show you’ve ever seen, or exactly what you wore on your birthday last year. Only me?

Why does this overthinking happen and how can we control it? For the most part, says Carley Symes of the Counseling Directory, it’s just our thoughts that catch up with us at the end of another day.

“Our days are filled with things to do and process and think about from the start. The only time we really start turning those things off is when we’re in bed, getting ready to go to sleep,” she says. “So it makes sense that all those things that we didn’t have room for all day would hold up.”

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