Why do people hate John Mayer? 7 reasons why fans turned against him

For a man who should simply be known for his love songs, John Mayer has found a way to be one of the most polarizing men in the music industry.

From controversial statements about his love life to questionable musical choice, Mayer has pushed fans away as often as he has won them.

Mayer has been closely scrutinized by the public and fans for most of his career.

Like clockwork, the internet justifiably drags up some sort of negative sentiment every few months, especially when it’s teasing new music or making headlines for one reason or another.

But where does this seemingly irreparable hatred for Mayer come from?

Here are 7 reasons why people hate John Mayer.

1. Mayer made lewd comments about Jennifer Love Hewitt.

During a 2006 performance at Hollywood’s The Laugh Factory, Mayer took a low blow to his ex whom he briefly dated in 2002 – and reportedly wrote “Your Body Is A Wonderland”.

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Speaking at The Laugh Factory, the musician said he never had sex with Hewitt due to a bout of food poisoning brought on by a bad fish.

Mayer got back on the joke, telling Us Weekly: “It Was Really That I Was Fooling Myself”

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