Why climate activists are gluing their hands to Van Gogh’s painting in London

Two climate activists stuck their hands to a painting by Vincent van Gogh in an art gallery in London to protest the government’s climate policy, according to Fox News.

The news: The duo, 21-year-old Louis McKechnie and 24-year-old Emily Brocklebank, are members of an activist group called ‘Just Stop Oil’.

  • The couple stuck their hands to the painting “Peach Trees in Blossom”, which was painted by Van Gogh in 1889. The painting hangs in the Courtauld Gallery in Somerset House in London, according to Fox.

Why? In a video recorded in the gallery, McKechnie said they were doing this to protest the UK government’s decision to push through more than 40 new fossil fuel projects, France 24 said.

  • “Sorry everyone, we don’t want to do this,” he said via EuroNews. “We are glued to this painting, this beautiful painting, because we are terrified for our future.”
  • According to EuroNews, the activists chose the Van Gogh painting because the area of ​​France depicted in the art, Arles, is expected to experience drought in the near future.

Details: Fox reported that the incident closed the gallery for the rest of the day, but reopened normally the following day.

  • “My generation has no choice but to take this kind of action,” McKechnie said via France 24.
  • France 24 noted that McKechnie – who has been arrested 20 times and spent six weeks in prison – is becoming a popular face among UK climate activists.
  • The French news channel reported that earlier this year he outraged football fans when he tied himself to a goalpost in the middle of a match.
  • “I loved this painting as a child, my father took me to see it when we visited London,” McKechnie told EuroNews. “I still love this painting, but I love my friends and my family more, I love nature more. I value the survival of the future or my generation more than my public reputation.”

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