Who’s Next in the Liberal Party for Madame Guillotine?

The Liberal Party’s electoral house of cards has rarely proved more vulnerable. It begs the question: Who’s next on the chopping block?

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he’s staying in politics: He’s not going anywhere. Yes of course. He has the heart of a servant, will go where God wills him, the Lodge or the back seat.

But also, of course, his Cook seat has now gone from super-secure to merely “secure,” and who knows what could happen in a by-election? If ScoMo’s departure were the trigger for an upstart loss, his reputation would be damaged, turning his already considerable dislike for him into a hatred that would seriously affect his post-parliamentary career.

Elsewhere, the change of government and the prospect of Labor having a fair chance – sure, dear God – of running at least two terms will concentrate minds to get out of the opposition’s wretched mincemeat-pop racket. Usually a few of those in safer seats could be trusted to move on, in part to clear spots for Joshie to get a seat, after accidentally dropping the Liberal Party’s crown jewels on a road roster.

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