WHITESNAKE Fans Worry About Guitarist REB BEACH After Missing Four Shows In A Row

Fans have expressed concern for the well-being of WHITE SNAKE‘s old guitarist Reb Beach after missing several shows on the band’s ongoing European tour.

Beach sat on four dates WHITE SNAKE‘s current trek, which started early May in Dublin, Ireland: June 14 in Prague, Czech Republic, June 17 at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium, June 19 in Munich, Germany, June 21 in Zurich, Switzerland.

After the concert in Prague, colleague WHITE SNAKE guitarist Joel Hoekstra addressed rebabsence in a tweet, writing: “Tonight @Whitesnake rocked @PrahaEU – Prague, Czech Republic with our friends @europetheband! A little last minute stress as Reb Beach was under the weather and I had to cover his solos. But we gave you our best Prague!! The show must go on! #Whitesnake #TheFarewellTour”.

corner street‘s most recent update on Beach‘s condition emerged earlier today (Wednesday, June 22) in response to a fan on Twitter† Asked if reb got over his illness, Joel wrote: Hopefully Rebel returns immediately. No one misses him more than I do. #GuitarTEAM”.

Beach is one of the undisputed guitar giants of today’s hard rock scene. His resume with megastars from the 80s/90s WING alone would earn him this award, but his legacy is cemented by his current membership and work with the legendary WHITE SNAKEhis previous efforts with DOCKSand his recent release with supergroup BLACK SWANalso with Jeff PilsonRobin MacAuley and Matt Starr

Influenced by the legendary hard rockers of the 1970s, reb spent his teenage years jamming with the greats of the time like AEROSMITH and MONTROSEbut it was when he discovered more progressive players like Steve MorseAllan Holdsworth and Larry Carlton that his musical world really opened up. The complexity and speed of the more prog style of playing was a unique challenge compared to the blues-based playing of most musicians of the time. The discovery of these players was ultimately the catalyst that took his playing to the level he is now so well known for among music fans around the world. Beach eventually graduated from his practice room at Berklee College Of Music, but after a few semesters moved on and quickly became one of the most sought-after session players in the music industry, working with such great talents as Eric ClaptonBob DylanRoger DaltreyChaka KahnHoward Jones and TWISTED SISTER

While I lived in New York City, reb joined his future bandmate, bassist and frontman Chicken Wingerreb and Chicken formed the band WING and the rest is history. The two proved to be incredible writing partners, making multiple platinum records with no fewer than six Top 40 singles. With music that was commercial yet complex.

After WING went on a hiatus in the 90s, Beachcareer continued thanks to collaborations with Alice CooperDOCKS and NIGHT RANGERand he debuted as a solo artist in 2002 with the album “Masquerade”

According to the WING reunion in the 00s, reb heard that David Coverdale was looking for a new guitarist for WHITE SNAKE† He contacted him and since 2003 reb has toured the world with the band and released multiple albums with them, including: “Good to be Bad”“Forevermore”“The Purple Album” and the recent “Flesh & Blood”plus several live albums.

Beach released an instrumental solo album, “A Look from the Inside”in November 2020 via Frontiers Music Srl

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