which billionaire looks to the future?

While some of the country’s wealthiest are investing in minerals critical to renewable energy technologies, others are still obsessed with fossil fuels.

Gina Rinehart, Andrew Forrest and Kerry Stokes (Images: AAP)

In Perth, the city’s three leading billionaires — Gina Rinehart, Kerry Stokes and Andrew Forrest — indulge in a bit of financial leadership that says a lot about Australia’s energy transition, as well as the negative or positive role the super-rich play in it. .

Looking forward

Media reports over the weekend suggest iron ore billionaire Forrest likes the look of Chalice Mining’s Julimar world-class nickel, copper, platinum, palladium, gold and cobalt prospect northeast of Perth, and is trying to get his hands on a sizeable chunk held by former chairman Tim Goyder. Goyder stepped down as chairman of Chalice 14 months ago and sold $30 million in company stock midway through the year after buying a home in the exclusive Peppermint Grove for $17 million.

Chalice’s Julimar prospect has tremendous potential in a world of accelerating renewable energy investment. A mass strike in Gonneville has revealed the world’s largest find of sulphide-nickel this century and the largest discovery of palladium, platinum and gold (called a 3E combination) in Australian history.

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