Watch Jay Hernandez’s video message thanking fans for saving Magnum PI on NBC

Magnum PI says “aloha” to a season 5 on NBC. The network ordered a two-season, 20-episode pickup Friday after CBS canceled the reboot magnum in May after four seasons. Star Jay Hernandez, who plays the Thomas Magnum role made famous by Tom Selleck in the original 80s series, took to Twitter with a video message and the #MagnumPISaved hashtag to thank fans campaigning to save magnum for a fifth season. Check out Hernandez’s video below and more reactions from co-stars Perdita Weeks and Stephen Hill.

“Okay, I’m sure you’ve all heard the great news by now,” Hernandez said in the video. †Magnum PI picked up for a fifth season. Thanks to the fans for the great effort. I mean, you had petitions, you have a billboard in Times Square. Because of all that noise you made, we now have a new house at NBC. See you in season 5!”

Hernandez retweeted his #MagnumPISaved video message to fans, tweeting: “It was a bit cumbersome, but we did it! Your love and support got us across the finish line, thanks and thanks to @nbc for stepping up! Time to take off! fabric the Aloha shirt! #ohana.”

A co-production between Universal Television and CBS Studios, Magnum PIs The May 12 cancellation came after both sides were unable to agree on a reported dispute over the license fee. USA Network, also owned by NBCUniversal, emerged as another contender to the rescue magnum for future seasons before moving to NBC.

“On the way to the Ohana. #season5,” Weeks captioned a photo on Instagram. In a helicopter photo posted to his Instagram story on Sunday, Hill wrote: “From Harlem to Honolulu…I’m so grateful to get back to this cockpit.”

Joining Hernandez as the former Navy SEAL, who reuses his military skills to become a private investigator, Magnum PI† stars Perdita Weeks as Juliet Higgins, Zachary Knighton as Orville “Rick” Wright, Stephen Hill as Theodore “TC” Calvin, Tim Kang as Det. Gordon Katsumoto and Amy Hill as Teuila “Kumu” Tuileta.

episodes of Magnum PI are available to watch on CBS and Paramount+. Sign up for Paramount+ by clicking here.

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