Watch a cyclist crash into the back of a van – no one can believe how the men handle it

A VIDEO of a cyclist crashing into a van has gone viral on social media, but viewers can’t believe how both men coped.

Uploaded on TikTok by @Norfolkdashcam, the video has users surprised by the reaction of the van driver.


The moment the bike collides with the vanCredit: TikTok @norfolkdashcam

The footage was filmed with a camera on the bike and shows the cyclist accidentally hitting the back of the van in front of him.

The cyclist went directly to the van driver’s window to apologize to the driver.

“Sorry, my hands just slipped off the handlebars,” said the cyclist.

The van driver, instead of arguing, said, “That’s fine, don’t worry.”

The unusually peaceful ending got people thinking in the comments about how important it is to be respectful on the road.

One of them said: “I’m not a cyclist but to be honest he was fine – the van didn’t even notice and he went over anyway to let him know what had happened.

“Even when the van said it was fine, he still asked if the van was sure.

“Fair play to you, for letting him know — most people wouldn’t.”

Another user said, “Wish there were more of these interactions.”

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However, some users complained about the fact that bicycles must be insured.

“Cyclists must have an insurance number and an MOT,” said one user.

“I hope they exchange insurance details,” another user claimed.

The driver of this van was extremely calm after the motorcyclist hit the back


The driver of this van was extremely calm after the motorcyclist hit the backCredit: TikTok @norfolkdashcam
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