Wales Bonner x Kerry James Marshall Unveil Capsule Collection

Wales Bonner and Kerry James Marshall join forces to fight anti-black racism and mass incarceration with a new capsule collection.

The collaboration between the British fashion label and the influential American artist includes two t-shirts with artwork by Marshall. One features an exclusively crafted design that Marshall describes as “an iconic emblem that requires no translation”, while the other is a reproduction of the artist’s 1993 painting Lost Boys: AKA Black Johnny† The power of these works by Marshall is their tribute to black lives lost in America.

“It is a great honor to work with Kerry James Marshall on this capsule collection – an artist whose practice was at the forefront when I first conceived Wales Bonner in 2014,” said Grace Wales Bonner. “The brand was founded as a means of bringing an Afro-Atlantic spirit to European notions of luxury. My inspiration came from the observation that the problems Kerry had identified with the Western art historical canon abounded in the fashion world as well. His artistic achievements have opened my eyes to the real power and liberating possibilities of image making.”

Proceeds from the collection will benefit the Mississippi-based organization Study and Struggle, which works to fight incarceration and criminalization through mutual aid, community building, and more.

Check out the collection in the gallery above. The Wales Bonner x Kerry James Marshall capsule is now available online from Wales Bonner.

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