Wait, Are There NFTs Hidden In Netflix’s Latest Hit Series?

You can now collect NFTs while watching Netflix, in the new anthology animation series Love, Death + Robots. That’s right, there are hidden NFTs in the Netflix show, if you see one, collect it. This has left me wondering what else the streaming platform is hiding in its shows: does this mean there are NFTs lurking in Stranger Things Series 4?

Maybe not, I’ve yet to discover that anyway, but the emergence of new uses of NFTs – non-replaceable tokens used to create scarcity in digital art – is what this technology needs. That’s what Bilali Mack explained to me when I interviewed him about the future of digital art. Therefore, there is life after the NFT crash that happened a few weeks ago.

There is no better show than Love, Death + Robots for Netflix to experiment with NFTs. It’s a sci-fi series of animated and mixed media shorts that experiment with how we watch TV, promoting experimental animation and VFX. Here’s the thing, hidden in each episode are collectible NFTs, accessible by scanning QR codes, which then appear in your OpenSea account. While these are free, you must pay the gas fees and have a MetaMask or Coinbase wallet.

Will Netflix Add NFTs to Stranger Things Series 4? (Image credit: Netflix)

In total, nine QR codes have been released in Love, Death + Robots and social media episodes. Currently, only US viewers can access the NFTs, but according to the associated OpenSea account (opens in new tab) the cost of one of these non-fungible tokens is approximately 0.003 ETH, or $6/£4. To date, there has been $36,000 in trading volume with approximately 27,000 NFT owners taking on the challenge of hunting each of them.

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