Vladimir Putin’s 3 Signs That ‘Something Is Not Right’ Amid Health Rumors


After Vladimir Putin’s 11-minute speech this morning in Moscow’s Red Square, he was seen with a blanket over his legs and coughing during the military parade – sparking more rumors about his health.

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Vladimir Putin’s “swaying back and forth” and “pinching eyebrows” during his Victory Day speech could be a sign of health problems, a body language expert speculated.

After the Kremlin boss’s 11-minute speech in Moscow’s Red Square this morning, he was seen with a blanket over his legs and coughing during the military parade.

It has fueled more rumors of his ill health as none of the other high-ranking Kremlin dignitaries watching the march felt the need for a blanket in the 9C Moscow weather.

Putin’s speech – his first major televised speech since March 18 – comes amid further opposition from the Ukrainian leader, who issued a statement that also marked the 77th anniversary of the victory in Europe.

Vladimir Putin speaks today at the Victory Day parade in Russia


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Mike Carter, a body language expert, watched Putin’s speech and dissected three points in the attitude of the belligerent Russian president, that could be a sign of discomfort or pain.

During Putin’s speech, Carter says that the Russian president is breathing very shallow when he talks.

Carter told The Mirror, “We hold our breath or breathe this way when something is not right physically or mentally.”

An example he gave is when someone in an office complains of a bad back and may not be breathing.

The Russian leader was spotted keeping warm with a heavy blanket while watching the parade

He said: “His breathing is very shallow, which could be a kind of pain that he endures.

“We hold our breath when something is not right mentally.

“If someone in your office was very upset, you would say ‘take a deep breath’.”

He added that it could also mean he was short of breath, another indication that something could be wrong.

In a separate analysis, Carter explains how Putin’s rocking back and forth could indicate “agitation,” but it could also indicate a health problem.

Russian President Vladimir Putin watches the military parade on Victory Day



At the age of 69, Putin is speculated to have serious health problems, from Parkinson’s to cancer.

Carter also emphasizes that Putin stands with his feet wide apart in a “power stance,” which could also be to prevent him from falling.

He said: “The constant rocking could be a health problem and he is afraid he might fall.

“He rooted himself behind the lecture and that could be for medical reasons.”

He added: “From the side angle, standing with his feet wide apart, which is a power pose.

“He could be in this pose to keep from falling over.”

Putin is seen resting his hands on the lectern during the speech



It’s because Putin would be undergoing surgery, possibly for cancer, according to alleged leaks from the Kremlin.

It comes after the Telegram channel General SVR – reportedly run by an ex-lieutenant general of Russia’s foreign intelligence service – said the despot has been informed by doctors that the operation will take him out “for a short while”.

And as such, he will supposedly briefly hand over the reins of power to an assistant.

There is no official confirmation that Putin is in ill health.

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