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Colonel Mikhail Nagamov, 41, was the commander of a sapper regiment and is now among at least eight generals and 35 colonels who died during the war

Nagamov will be buried tomorrow at the federal military memorial cemetery in Mytishchi, Moscow region

Vladimir Putin has suffered another loss to his top officials when a colonel was killed in a battle in Ukraine, it was revealed today.

Colonel Mikhail Nagamov, 41, belonged to the sixth engineer sapper regiment from the Yaroslavl region and died on April 13 in Ukraine.

The colonel was said to have died “while conducting a combat mission in Ukraine” and was reported by his local village of Suslonger in the Russian Republic of Mari El.

The commander is now one of at least eight generals and 35 colonels who died during Putin’s war.

Putin’s forces continue to inflict heavy casualties on their senior officials amid the Kremlin’s claim that the “special military operation” is proceeding according to plan.

The colonel was commander of the sixth engineer-sapper regiment from Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl region


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Total Russian losses since the start of the war on February 24 are estimated at more than 20,000, but Moscow has not provided accurate figures.

Colonel Nagamov will be buried tomorrow at the Federal Military Cemetery in Mytishchi, Moscow region.

Four days ago, it was announced that Major General Vladimir Frolov, deputy commander of the Russian 8th Combined Arms Army, was killed in Ukraine and buried in Saint Petersburg.

He was the eighth general known to have been killed during Putin’s campaign in Ukraine.

The magnitude of the high death toll defies Putin’s claim that his ‘special military operation’ is proceeding according to plan


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It comes after other deaths of top Russian colonels reportedly have already taken place.

Six days ago, The Mirror reported that Russia has reportedly lost its 40th senior officer.

Lieutenant Colonel Denis Mezhuev, commander of the 1st Guards Motor Rifle Sevastopol Red Banner Regiment, died in battle according to reports in both Russia and Ukraine.

Another senior Russian military officer, Colonel Alexander Bespalov’s, is said to have been killed and his body returned to his home, according to news released on April 9.

Total Russian losses since the start of the war on February 24 are estimated at more than 20,000


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The tank commander is believed to be the ninth colonel killed in the invasion and led the 59th Tank Guards Regiment, as reported by 74.RU.

His death comes after Ukraine said it had killed Colonel Denis Kurilo, commander of the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade, in fighting near Kharkiv.

Earlier this week it was reported that Colonel Ivan Grishin was killed in fierce fighting.

The commander of the 49th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade died of abdominal wounds from shrapnel.

He was killed in fighting near the northeastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Aterm Malaschchenkov, a member of parliament from Smolensk, the pro-Putin United Russia political party said: “Sleep tight, dear friend, your death will not be in vain.

“The men will continue your work and fulfill all the duties of the special military operation.

“I have no words for how hard it is to lose friends. Ivan was a real colonel – in the brigade he was called ‘daddy’.”

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