VIDEO: Kabul unveils new artwork in city square

The Afghan capital unveiled a new landmark at Kabul’s Dahan-e-bagh Square.

A giant hand-painted globe, with a magnified view of the country, now adorns the city. The sphere has a diameter of 8 meters and is placed on a structure with a mechanism that allows it to rotate 5 times per minute.

Afghanistan is painted to resemble the Taliban flag, inscribed with the Islamic statement of faith. Reactions to the artwork have been mixed.

Elaha, an unemployed female teacher, said she is disappointed in the world. “When I saw the map of Afghanistan on the sphere (painted with the Taliban flag) I became depressed. You know how women are currently restricted. When I saw that, my nerves completely collapsed.”

Faisal Mudarris, a Youtuber said, “I think it’s very good. One of the things that makes me so happy, (is that) this is all the work of an Afghan engineer, so we are proud of our Afghans. We want show the world that if we want to, we can do it.”

The piece is the work of artist Abid Wardak, who says it took him 4 days to paint the piece, while sitting on a bamboo ladder.

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