Victoria Beckham worried ‘new Mrs Beckham’ will ‘rock’ her family boat

Victoria Beckham worried ‘new Mrs Beckham’ will ‘rock’ her family boat

Victoria Beckham takes care of her family as the alleged feud with Nicola Peltz continues.

The former Spice Girl has made headlines over rumors of tensions with the daughter-in-law, who snubbed the family during the Miami wedding to Brooklyn Beckham.

Speaking about the issues in an op-ed for The Mirror, Saira Khan shares how Nicola plays the role of a third party in the situation, which could deeply hurt the Beckham clan.

“We know there are times when things don’t go our way. And things are out of our control. But that’s not something powerful people like the Beckhams are used to. They have total control over their public images.

“So when a richer, more powerful third party comes along and rocks their boat, it must be hurtful and quite unnerving.

According to the gossip, Posh and Becks were not invited to the main table at their son Brooklyn’s wedding.

Shed added: “His new wife Nicola has made it public that she was not wearing a Victoria Beckham-designed wedding dress as it could not be made in time. wrote: “We all have days when people make you feel bad and it’s okay to be hurt by it.”

Apparently that was one of her posts that Victoria didn’t ‘like’.

She concluded: “Whatever you think of the Beckhams, you can’t deny that family means the world to them. But now an outsider has come along who has her own ideas about how things are done.

“Take, for example, the Tatler magazine with Nicola on the cover under the headline ‘The New Mrs Beckham’, the writer noted.

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