Vickie Vainionpää ‘Software’ The Hole NYC Art Show

The Hole NYC always brings tasteful interiors to any exhibition and Vickie Vainionpää’s latest solo show is no different. In SoftwareThe Montreal-based artist invites you to immerse yourself in organic shapes that fold and twist to create hyper-realistic shapes reminiscent of microorganisms, intestinal tangles, and maybe even a desktop screensaver.

Vainionpää interestingly builds her paintings through generative code by plotting a certain number of points along an x, y and z axes. The resulting B-spline lines are then carefully selected as the starting point for her oil paintings on canvas. Vainionpää changes the chosen directions by applying different textures and creating shadows created by three-dimensional composites of multiple splines.

The core of Vainionpää’s practice lies in a symbiotic relationship between man and machine, the physical world and virtual reality. Using the everyday keyways generated by her work, the artist explores the ever-changing relationship between the human body and digital technology. Software is on display at the Walker Street location of The Hole NYC through June 18.

In case you missed it, “Mark’s Brain” is a new short film that captures Gonz’s creative mind.

The Hole NYC
Walker Street 86,
New York, NY 10013

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