“Vibrant” residential communities proposed for Sydney railway stations

Residential hubs around train stations with a mix of social, affordable and affluent housing are key to solving the state’s housing shortage, says the boss of a leading construction company.

John Holland Group chief executive Joe Barr – who is setting up an “integrated station development” around Waterloo – is calling for lifestyle districts to be set up around stations.

“You have a huge flow of people at these stations, so that’s why you have this opportunity. You also put affordable housing and student housing there, so you don’t praise people,” he said.

“A good example of this is the integrated station development of Waterloo … above that station you have a metro quarter, residential buildings, social housing, student housing, shops and retail.”

Mr Barr said buyers would not turn away from social and affordable housing areas as long as they are not made as “appalling provision flats”.

“Building to rent, affordable housing and social housing, along with more expensive apartments, brings vibrancy to your cities,” he said.

“You want nurses and teachers and students to live together.

“Sometimes when you think of affordable housing or social housing…you might think of those awful tenement flats built in the 1960s.”

Mr Barr said the state urgently needs more affordable housing as both the state and federal government push an ambitious skilled migration agenda.

“People will come and not be able to afford to live decently, and that will be a lose-lose situation,” he said.

“We need to welcome people into society and make it affordable and the best way to do that is good, efficient housing.”

Originally published as High-rises near train stations could replace ‘terrible’ 1960s provision flats

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