Venus Williams has the perfect answer to Tennis Reporter’s ridiculous question

Tennis players Venus Williams and Jamie Murray chuckled and joked after a reporter asked them why they play at Wimbledon.

Williams and Murray, who took a second-round win in the mixed doubles of the tournament, were faced with the question during a post-match press conference on Saturday.

The reporter asked in a clip shared by BBC Sport whether the two were “in the tournament to win it”.

“Or is it the first target to get past the third round where Serena and Andy came a cropper.” the reporter asked.

The question comes after the pair’s success at the Grand Slam tennis tournament over the years. Venus Williams has won five singles titles and six doubles titles during the tournament, while Murray has taken home two mixed doubles titles.

“What kind of question is that,” Williams replied, turning to Murray for a laugh.

‘We’re going for a walk. Come on.”

The tennis player later asked the reporter if they wanted to write “a good article or just a pretty good article” about the couple.

You can watch the interaction between the reporter and the tennis players below.

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