Venom’s New Tuxedo Shape Is The Suit You Wish They’d Give Tom Hardy

Mark Brooks unveiled his complete Venom red carpet look as part of his Hellfire Party Crashers series, sporting a costume Tom Hardy fans would die for.

Artist Mark Brooks has unveiled his complete high-fashion look for venom as part of his iconic “Hellfire Gala Party Crasher” fan art series, giving the antihero a symbiote tuxedo moment that every fan of Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock would love to see it in live action. Brooks’ portrayal of Venom getting ready for the red carpet also highlights the potential creativity that comes with living with a symbiote, where a character’s skin can turn into anything they can imagine!

An undeniably modern sex icon, Tom Hardy has portrayed Eddie Brock and Venom in two Sony Pictures Marvel films, venom and Venom: Let Their Be Carnage, and is now seen by fans and critics as the definitive live-action actor for the character. While Brock’s Venom symbiote quickly turns his flesh into weapons or defensive tools during battle, Venom is rarely seen wearing his transformational skin for more light-hearted reasons, something Mark Brooks has certainly fixed.


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Artist Mark Brooks first shared a glimpse of Venom’s Hellfire Gala throwback in April, in a double piece of art featuring the stunning Mary Jane Watson, who apparently decided to bring Venom as her plus one to crash the 2nd annual Hellfire Gala. Venom’s “costume” is so unique to Marvel Comics because it’s not dust or unstable molecules, but a literal alien creature, molded around a human body. While Venom’s costume has changed and updated over the years, it’s mostly been transformed to suit the different environments he must fight in, but Mark Brooks’ stunning portrait of “Party Venom” showcases the diverse looks the shape-shifting form of the symbiote. can take. The Hellfire Gala look of the anti-heroic symbiote transforms him into a more formal, but still terrifying, high-fashion party crash, with a look that simulates a unique tuxedo suit seen at the real-life Met Gala.

The Hellfire Gala is an exclusive party hosted by Emma Frost and the mutants of Krakoa, and it’s not easy to get an invite. Although Venom has had stints as an outright hero, his violent tendencies and sometimes uncontrollable nature make it doubtful he would ever receive a formal invite to attend the Gala so Brooks’ gorgeous fan art may just be the fans closest to seeing what Venom could look like on a red carpet. The evil Moira X recently kidnapped Mary Jane, Mark Brooks’ imagined date for Venom, and threatens to skin her and wear her flesh so she can use MJ’s ticket to the Gala and get in undetected. The Venom symbiote is an infinitely customizable piece of alien junk, and while Mark Brooks uses the symbiote to give Eddie Brock an iconic high-fashion look, the fan art also sheds light on the versatility of Venom’s costume and abilities that can be used for disguise. or espionage, something that will hopefully still be played with in the official Marvel canon.

venom really never looked so good in Mark Brooks’ inspired piece fan artto give Eddie Brock an iconic new look that somehow makes Venom a certifiable sex symbol, and a costume that fans of Sony’s venom would kill to be carried by Tom Hardy.

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Source: Mark Brooks

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