“Venice” fights excessive tourism.. hefty fine for offenders

This January, “Venice” will become the first city in the world to impose an entrance fee on tourists while wandering, in order to curb excessive tourism.

From January 16, 2023, visitors to the city, the jewel on the throne of Italian tourism, will have to pay an entrance fee to gain the privilege of exploring its streets and islands.

Simon Venturini, a member of the Venice Tourism Board, called the new measure a “major revolution” as it solves the “excess tourism” problem that has plagued the floating city for decades.

The cost of the admission ticket varies between 3 and 10 euros (10.4 dollars). The price will not be fixed, as it is related to the number of visitors, and the higher the demand, the higher the entrance fee, according to CNN Arabic.

Venturini explained that the aim was not to “close the city”, but rather to encourage people to book their visits in order to reduce the “high number of tourists”.

The ticketing system and the online platform will be launched this fall.

Residents and children under the age of six, as well as persons with disabilities, homeowners, those going to the city for health reasons or visiting relatives, and those attending a sporting or cultural event are exempt from entrance fees.

The exemption also includes hotel guests, who pay the tourist tax at the hotel.

This entrance fee applies to the historic center of Venice and to the following islands: Lido di Venezia, Pelestrina, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Santirasmo, Matsuorbo, Matsurbetto, ViƱole, San Andrea, La Certosa, San Servolo, San Clemente and Poviglia .

Fines for evading this procedure range from 50 to 300 euros ($312).

The fees piqued the interest of tourists, who saw their numbers rise to one million in 2018.

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