Uranium sales could be discussed between Albanian and Macron in France

With Macron looking to expand France’s nuclear power industry, Australia has the potential to expand its uranium supply to the nation.

A nuclear power plant in Dampierre-en-Burly, France (Image: Adobe)

“Nuclear”, “uranium”, “uranium export” — these are loaded terms in Australian politics. That is less the case in France, where nuclear energy has long been a political consensus topic and the average Frenchman lives in relative harmony with the atom.

Twenty years ago, polls showed that about two-thirds of the French were in favor of nuclear energy. A survey from last October, exactly 10 years after Fukushima, showed a decline, but still more than 50% in favor. The Public Sector Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety found that the French were not so much increasingly anti-nuclear, but increasingly supportive of renewable energy sources.

A recent study by The world stressed that for 16 years, three quarters of French nuclear imports came from just four countries, including Australia.

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