University of Arizona offers free tuition to American Indian students

American-Indian students no longer have to pay tuition at the University of Arizona Tuscon, the school said in a press release on Monday.

The program will be available to any student federally registered in one of Arizona’s 22 tribes. More than 400 students currently enrolled in the UA are eligible for free tuition.

The University of Arizona is not the only public university to have developed similar programs. Schools in California, Oregon, Montana, and Maine have all continued with tuition waiver programs for American Indian students.

“We are committed to promoting the entry and success of Indigenous students. This program is part of our ongoing commitment to serve our native feral cats.” Kasey Urquídez, vice president of enrollment management at the University of Arizona and dean of undergraduate admissions, said.

“These initiatives are not check marks; they represent the dedication and ongoing pursuit of the University of Arizona to be the leading institution serving Native Americans,” said Levi Esquerra, University of Arizona senior vice president for advancement and tribal involvement at the University of Arizona. Arizona.

According to a Postsecondary National Policy Institute study, 41% of full-time American Indian students graduated in 6 years, compared to 63% of all college students. And only 24% of 18-24-year-old American Indians are enrolled in college, compared to 41% of the total US population.

The program starts in the fall semester.

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