Uninsured father fined for taking ‘foolish risk’ by driving wife’s car

An uninsured father foolishly drove his wife’s car to pick up one of their children because she was unable to do so, a court has heard.

Eater McCabe, 37, was fined $500 and a two-year driving ban by Judge Gerard Jones.

The defendant, with an address in Fortlawn Park in Blanchardstown, Dublin, admitted on 2 May 2021 that he had driven on Church Road in Mulhuddart without insurance or a license.

Garda Kyle Jackson told the Blanchardstown court that he had arrested McCabe shortly before 7 p.m. He was unable to submit his documents within 10 days, the garda said.

Defense attorney Rory Staines said McCabe had worked in construction and hoped to return to work if Covid restrictions were eased.

Mr Staines said the defendant was married and had three children. McCabe was picking up one of his children when he was detained by GardaĆ­, the lawyer added.

The car belonged to his wife and she was fully insured, but she was not available and there was time constraints as the child had to be collected.

Mr Staines said McCabe took a foolish risk and drove the car but accepted what he had done when he was stopped by Garda.

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