Ukrainian soldier in Kharkiv bunker videotaped citing Scottish BBC comedy Burnistoun

A UKRAINIAN soldier surprised thousands of Scots on Twitter on Saturday after a video on the site showed him reenacting a scene from a famous Scottish sketch comedy.

Scottish journalist Jen Stout, who is in Ukraine, shared the video from a bunker in Kharkov.

The clip shows a man in an army uniform with Ukrainian flags re-enacting what appears to be a scene from the BBC sketch comedy Burnistoun.

In it, the man is heard “11” several times as the other men in the room join him.

The men laugh when one of them quotes the BBC program and says: “we are from Scotland”.

Stout tweets the video saying, “‘You’re from Scotland? Ah, like – ‘ELEVEN’!!’

“Didn’t expect this in a bunker in Kharkiv tbh, totally made my day”

Burnistoun co-creator and writer Robert Florence shared the clip, saying, “Ukraine knows its comedy”.

The clip, in which makers Florence and Iain Connell try to communicate with an elevator with speech recognition technology, went viral in 2015.

It now has over a million views on YouTube.

The sketch focused on speech recognition software that was known to have a few problems understanding many Scottish accents and dialects.

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