UK weather: Britons are ravaged by thunderstorms on hottest day of the year yet | Weather | News

Temperatures will reach 25C, while Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge predicts Sunday will surpass Saturday, where temperatures in the southeast rose to 24C in what was the hottest day of 2022 yet. However, there will also be showers and thunderstorms on Sunday.

Partridge said: “Further north it will be drier and with clear skies it will feel much fresher here, away from the balmy air in the southern counties.
“And so we really start on Sunday morning, gray with some rain showers in the south.

“A few showers are just making their way into the south western parts of Scotland.
“But during the day the sun comes through, the clouds break and the temperature can rise again.

“And in the southeast we can see 25 degrees and that will be the hottest day of the year yet.

“But with that warm and stuffy air we will see showers from the south again during the night period.

“And again, we will see a risk of thunderstorms for many southern parts of the country.”

According to the Met Office, there will be “bursts” of rain on Sunday that could get heavy.

The meteorological service also said there was a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday evening.

They said, “There are showers, perhaps heavy, that drift northward; Northwest Scotland fine and warm.

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“It’s getting brighter in the south, where it feels hot and humid with isolated showers, and thunderstorms at night.”

The Met Office added that although some good weather will continue as the week goes on with the potential for more unstable weather.

They said: “Warm air from the south will bring above average temperatures in most places in the UK over the next week, but a series of low pressure systems will cut through any lingering warm spells with showers and unstable weather.

“Over the past few days, Met Office’s computer models have pointed to some uncertainty about the outcome of the interaction between continental high pressure — which brings warm and solid conditions — and low-pressure systems over the Atlantic that will bring wet and windy weather.

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“With the heat will come dry and sunny spells for many, but showers, sometimes heavy, will also move across the country, especially in the north and west. In parts of the south, central England and south west Scotland.

Meteorologist Andy Page of the Met Office said: “The plume of warm air we expect from the south will cause higher temperatures across the country over the next week.

“However, it appears that the effects of the low Atlantic will prevent a continued high-pressure build-up from the east.

“This means that while we may see some warm – and in some places very warm – days, the coming week will generally feel more like what we would expect from a warm period in May, with some heavy showers nearby, instead of hot summer weather.”

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