Two journalists injured and their driver killed in Ukraine

Two journalists from the Reuters news agency were injured on Friday and a driver was killed in eastern Ukraine after the car they were driving came under fire on its way to the city of Severodonetsk.
The two journalists, photographer Alexander Ermochenko and TV cameraman Pavel Klimov, were in a car on the road between Severodonetsk and the city of Roubzhny, ten kilometers to the north.
Reuters has not yet identified the driver who had to transport the journalists during their press trip. Ukraine’s defense ministry did not respond to a call from Reuters for comment on the incident.
Ermochenko and Klimov were taken to a hospital in Robyzhny, where they received initial treatment. Ermochenko was hit by a small shrapnel, while Klimov suffered a broken arm.
“Reuters sends its sincere condolences to the driver’s family for their loss,” a Reuters spokesperson said in a statement.

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