TV tonight: Paapa Essiedu stars in time-loop drama The Lazarus Project | Television

The Lazarus project

9 p.m., Sky Max

Here we go again (and again and again) with another mind-boggling time-loop drama. Paapa Essiedu is George – a seemingly ordinary man who, after his pregnant wife falls ill during the pandemic, wakes up six months early to live all those days again. He learns about the Lazarus Project – a secret organization that has harnessed the ability to turn back time when the world faces extinction. But vitally, it can never be done for personal reasons. Hollie Richardson

Bradford on duty

9pm, BBC Two

So far, this series, which follows public service workers in Bradford, has been candid about the city’s social and economic problems. But if regeneration has been a buzzword, turning a disused mill into a cannabis farm isn’t what civic leaders had in mind. It’s up to Tom and Wojciech, police supporters to solve it. Graeme Virtue

task master

9 p.m., channel 4

The finale of yet another series that has found a rich, warm chemistry between the five comics. Before the champion is revealed, mysterious liquids must be identified (“Is it vomit?”) and Bridget Christie’s dancing on bows on the legs becomes a phenomenon. Jack Seale

The Real Derry: Jamie-Lee O’Donnell

10 p.m., channel 4

O’Donnell claims to be nothing like her Derry Girls character Michelle – the “dirty teen who wants to live life to the fullest”. They do have one thing in common: they were proudly born and raised in Derry. Here, the actor explores what it’s like to be a young person in Derry and chats with her co-star Saoirse-Monica Jackson. HR

The Midwich Cuckoos

10 p.m., Sky Max

The slow realization of the parents that they have spawned little creeps is almost comical. “We could tell that our kids were special, not normal for their age, but we loved them,” says a delusional mother, embracing the fact that they all have the same stare and speech as droids. Then an eventful day changes everything. HR

The stewardess

11 p.m., Sky Max

As the dark comedy drama continues, Cassie wakes up to find naked CIA agent Benjamin in her bed — and potentially incriminating files in his office, making her look like a borderline sociopath. “I hate to say this,” Annie tells her, “but whoever you do this to will kill him.” Then Cassie hits the bottle again. Ali Catterall

John Cusack as Brian Wilson and Elizabeth Banks as Melinda, the woman he courts in Love & Mercy. Photo: Roadside attractions/Allstar

Movie choice

Love & Mercy (Bill Pohlad, 2014), 11:15 pm, BBC Two
Parallel timelines make Bill Pohlad’s fact-based drama about head Beach Boy Brian Wilson a more nuanced proposition than your typical rock biopic. Paul Dano plays Brian from the 60s, financially successful but pushing his artistic and mental boundaries with the (vividly recreated) production of Pet Sounds. John Cusack is the sadly disabled Brian of the 80s, under the thumb of therapist Eugene Landy (a mocking Paul Giamatti), but manages to woo Melinda (Elizabeth Banks) – in his own strange way. Simon Wardell

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