TV tonight: Diane Morgan crashes The League of Gentlemen cast reunion | Television

Inside No. 9

10pm, BBC Two

Diane Morgan steals the show in the opener of Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith’s seventh season of their dark comedy anthology series. She plays ditsy, mouth-to-mouth Donna, who joins her new boyfriend Darren and his old uni friends Callum and Lawrence (played by Shearsmith, Pemberton and their former League of Gentlemen co-star Mark Gatiss) for a Reunion. It’s not exactly what she expects: They spend the day on a pedal boat that gets stuck, and soon disturbing topics come up. Fortunately, Morgan has enough deadpan one-liners to ease the tension. Hollie Richardson

Everyone can sing

8pm, Sky Arts

After three endearing episodes, our favorite tone-deaf singers are getting ready to take to the London Coliseum stage to perform in front of 2,500 people. Prior to that, Priest Ellen leads the choir at King’s College London for the first time in 28 years. Handkerchiefs at the ready. HR

Interior design masters with Alan Carr

9pm, BBC One

It’s the semi-finals for the high-stakes makeover show, with the remaining designers Amy, Paul and Banjo each in a Cotswolds lakeside lodge. They have 48 hours to turn their spaces into luxury vacation homes. Carr meanwhile messes around in a jacuzzi and does his best Shirley Bassey. Graeme Virtue


9pm, BBC Two

Fall from glory…Paul Gascoigne. Photo: Sky Sports

After charting the rise of “Gazzamania”, the closing section of this documentary recalls the footballer’s fall from glory, with reports of domestic violence, alcoholism and an eating disorder. There is also a strong focus on the roles Piers Morgan and Rebekah Brooks played in provoking and monetizing his demise. HR

Raised by wolves

9 p.m., Sky Atlantic

The inventive and often bizarre sci-fi drama manages to explore allegorically different aspects of religion and belief while remaining genuinely entertaining. By acquiring generative powers, Marcus (Travis Fimmel) wants to grow and harvest his own congregation tonight. Elsewhere, Amanda Collin’s mother becomes protective of the snake. Phil Harrison

The Lady and the Dale

21:00, Sky Documentaries

This riveting four-part documentary is a twisting tale of trust betrayal that revolves around the 1970s three-wheeled car, the Dale. It’s all the more complicated when entrepreneur Elizabeth Carmichael transitioned from Jerry Carmichael, raising media questions about whether this was a supposed identity to escape her criminal background. Alexi Duggins

live sports

Eredivisie American football: Chelsea vs Arsenal 7 p.m., Sky Sports Main Event. The London derby at Stamford Bridge.

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