Trump calls Nancy Pelosi ‘an animal’; hints for the 2024 run

“It’s really sad for the country that people want to separate the facts from the truth in such a blatant way,” Pelosi said. “It’s really sad and it’s traumatizing for those who are affected by it.”

Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance speaks for former President Donald Trump in Ohio.Credit:AP

Trump traveled to Ohio to support Eulogy of Hillbilly author JD Vance – a former Trump critic who turned to win the former president’s support for the Republican nomination. Vance is now locked in a tight Senate race against Tim Ryan, a moderate Democrat who has distanced himself from Biden and the progressive wing of his party while courting working-class workers.

Meanwhile, Biden, whose low approval rating has left some candidates unwilling to campaign with him, traveled to friendly territory in Maryland near Washington DC to level the ground for a Republican-occupied governor’s seat that would give Democrat Wes Moore a good run. chance to win.

“Let’s be clear, this election is not a referendum; it’s a choice,” Biden said. “It’s a choice between two very different views in America.”

The election rallies took place as Democrats braced for the chance of losing one or both chambers of Congress.

US President Joe Biden speaks at his latest campaign rally in Maryland.

US President Joe Biden speaks at his latest campaign rally in Maryland.Credit:Bloomberg

Unbiased election forecasters predict Republicans will take back the House, while the Senate will come down to a number of swing states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia.

Hampered by voter dissatisfaction with inflation and pressure on the cost of living, Democrats have struggled to deliver a clear message about the economy, while Republicans have successfully tried to blame Biden for the financial pain suffered. Americans feel.

Over the northern summer, after the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion, and as the Jan. 6 hearings put the spotlight on Trump’s attempt to undermine the 2020 election, Democrats hoped focusing on Republican extremism would increase their chances. would increase. But while it initially strengthened the base, it couldn’t do away with hip-pocket issues like inflation at 40-year highs, or the rising price of gasoline and groceries.


“The Democrats, in general, haven’t done a particularly good job of talking to Central America,” said Mike Binder, an associate professor of the Public Opinion Research Laboratory at North Florida University. “They made a calculated gamble on abortion and it hasn’t resonated based on what I’m seeing.”

If Republicans take back control of the House, as most polls predict, it would make it nearly impossible for Biden to carry out his agenda, including priorities such as getting abortion protections into law, reforming the voting system and tackling climate change. . If the Senate also falls, Republicans could block Biden’s nominations for judicial or administrative positions.

Feeling the headwind on Monday night, Biden sought to sharpen his attack, warning that if Democrats lost control of Congress, major reforms — designed to help struggling Americans — such as cheaper prescription drugs, improvements in family leave and certain Medicare. -benefits – would have “disappeared”. ”.

In fact, if Trump announces his candidacy next week, he will be entering the 2024 presidential race with a series of lawsuits, including the Justice Department’s investigation into his handling of classified material he removed from the White House.


The announcement was to come the same week he asked to testify before the Jan. 6 committee on the Capitol riots. He was subpoenaed by the commission last month to appear on November 14.

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