Trump biographer says ex-president is projecting mental instability onto Hutchinson after January 6 hearing

Former President Donald Trump used a far-right channel to attack former White House senior aide Cassidy Hutchinson, but one of his biographers claims his comments are all just projections.

“This lady yesterday, there is something wrong with her,” Trump said on Wednesday. “Is something wrong? the woman lives in fantasy land. She’s a social climber, if you call it social. She’s got serious problems. Mental problems. But for this girl to sit there and just, I guess, make up stories and I, again, hardly know who she is.”

In the past, Trump has been caught discrediting former top employees by claiming he doesn’t even know them when photos and videos show otherwise. He infamously called his foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos nothing more than a coffee boy, when in reality he was told to organize foreign trips for Trump and speak with international agents as a representative of the campaign.

Like Papadopoulos, Hutchinson has been photographed with Trump, and she is well known in the Trump world. The House Select Committee kicked off the hearing with her by showing photos of her on Air Force One and wherever Chief of Staff Mark Meadows went.

“Well, we always expected the world of Trump to try to discredit her, and they don’t disappoint us in that regard,” Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) told NBC News on Sunday. “I thought her testimony was credible. She has nothing to gain by coming forward and telling the truth. And Trump’s world has everything to lose by the truth. So they do their best to attack her, her to discredit.”

Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio has written books about Trump using these tactics, explaining on CNN that it “comes straight out of the script.”

“I’m reminded of the saying that character is destiny, so now we see Donald Trump’s destiny played out based on his character and Mrs. Hutchinson’s destiny based on her character and we know that in the wings with Pat Cipollone and we’re going to try and see where his character takes him,” explains D’Antonio. “Yeah, Donald Trump has always done this and the strange thing is, it’s worked for him. It has enabled him to attract only the most loyal people who are afraid of him. It has allowed him to bully people into submission.”

D’Antonio noted that it is interesting that Trump uses the exact same words to attack people.

“He always says people are crazy,” the biographer explained. “People are trying to raise their profile. People are just making up stories. Well, who does that remind you of? Who does it remind you of when he says someone is making up stories or trying to raise their profile or even just a little bit crazy. It reminds us of a former president.”

Those who know Trump have been asked about what they have seen of the ex-president’s behavior and whether what Hutchinson describes is accurate.

“It sounds like the person he imagined he was,” D’Antonio said of Trump’s behavior. “So this is a guy who told me that he’s the hero in his own comic book, that he loves all kinds of fights, even physical fights. The record doesn’t show that he actually did that.”

Former attorney Michael Cohen explained to CNN that he never knew Trump actually interacted with anyone, even as a child. There are allegations of rape in Ivana Trump’s book, as well as allegations of assault and sexual harassment of more than 20 women. Trump even bragged on video about sexually abusing women.

“I think it’s unlikely he would somehow get over the beast and grab the wheel, but I think it’s the kind of story people would tell about him,” D’Antonio said. “The part that is credible to me is the idea that he insisted on going to the Capitol himself. Now we can only tremble at the thought of what would have happened if he had. I think the outcome the idea of ​​him imagining himself as the president taking over the car and forcing him to go to the Capitol is what he would have thought of himself, but I don’t expect him to. “

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