Trial Chris Dawson: Neighbor saw Lynette Dawson after she went missing

One of Chris Dawson’s former neighbors has told a court that he saw Lynette, the missing wife of the ex-footballer, more than a year after her disappearance.

Lynette Dawson’s former neighbor has no doubts that he saw the missing mother of two working at a Sydney hospital more than a year after she went missing, a court has told.

Chris Dawson, 73, is on trial in the NSW Supreme Court charged with the murder of his wife Lynette, who disappeared from their northern beach in Sydney 40 years ago.

The prosecution alleges that Mr. Dawson was motivated to kill Ms. Dawson so that he could have an “untethered” relationship with a former student and the family’s babysitter, who can only be known as JC.

Dawson pleaded not guilty, arguing that his wife had contacted him several times after she went missing in January 1982 and had been spotted several times.

On Friday, one of the Dawsons’ former neighbours, Peter Breese, told the court that he had seen Mrs Dawson briefly after surgery at a hospital on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in June 1984 – 19 months after she was last seen .

He said he was recovering in his hospital bed when a woman he believed to be Mrs. Dawson knocked on the door.

“It was short, but it stayed in my mind because when someone comes to the door, they’re there for a reason,” he said.

“And then you look at them. They literally spin on their heels and spin really fast and walk away and never come back.”

Mr. Breese was asked by Mr. Dawson’s attorney, Greg Walsh, “When you saw her, did you have any doubts that it was Lynette Dawson?”

“I had no doubt it was her,” Mr. Breese replied.

Mr Breese later added that he couldn’t be 100 percent sure about anything in life and that there was a “possibility” that he was mistaken.

Mr. Breese and his wife Jill lived on a plot of land on Torumba Ave, Bayview, adjacent to the Dawson family’s home on Gilwinga Drive.

He told the court that he had seen Mrs. Dawson in her backyard and was once invited to their home to look at a faulty fireplace.

He said he was familiar with her looks, including her glasses and hair.

The court was told that in June 1984, Mr. Breese was at Rock Castle Private Hospital – now South Pacific Private Hospital – in Curl Curl for surgery to straighten his septum.

He said that during his stay he saw a woman in a nurse’s uniform standing in the doorway about 3 meters away.

The court has previously been told that Mrs Dawson worked as a nurse at a childcare center in Warriewood before she disappeared.

The court was told on Friday that Mr Breese had a conversation with his wife later, when she came to visit him in hospital, who told him, “I saw Lynette Dawson.”

Mr Breese told the court on Friday that he replied, “Well, I’ve seen her too.”

Mr Breese told the court he didn’t make much of the incident at the time because he didn’t know she was missing.

He told the court that he didn’t realize she had gone missing until 1986 or 1987 in the Manly Daily when he saw the item of a missing person.

He said he couldn’t read the name on the woman’s nurse’s badge and that he wasn’t wearing his glasses at the time.

Dawson’s former neighbor also told the court that although he was given a general anesthetic for the surgery, his reported sighting did not happen on the same day he was operated on.

The process continues.

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