Toyboy, 36, who married grandma, 82, tells trolls ‘go to hell’ after split rumors

Retired Iris Jones, 82, of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, and her Egyptian lover Mohamed Ibriham, 36, were married in November 2021 before moving to the UK on a spousal visa

Iris Jones and Mohamed Ibriham say they are really in love despite the 46 . gap

A retiree who married a man 46 years her junior told opponents to “get a life”, while her toyboy told them to “go to hell – f*** you”.

Iris Jones, 82, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, regularly speaks openly about her relationship with Egyptian partner Mohamed Ibriham, 36 – including their antics in the bedroom.

But when her husband recently had to go home due to a family illness, she said trolls started spreading rumors that they had broken up.

The couple faced backlash from some who believe Mohamed married the much older former cleaner in order to get a spousal visa to come and live in the UK.

And after rumors started flying after their brief farewell, Iris and Mohamed took to YouTube to address the issue.

Mohamed said: “Some hitchhikers say we are separated or separated, they say that on social media.”

The couple briefly broke up when Mohamed returned to Egypt after a family loss


Iris Jones)

They were overjoyed when Mohamed got a spousal visa after they got married in November 2021


Iris Jones)

Iris added: “They are very misguided, they don’t know their ass by their elbows.”

She called herself Mohamed’s “beloved wife” before calling the trolls “stupid bastards” and telling them to “go to hell – f*** you”.

Iris added: “Get a life.”

The candid retiree rose to fame in January 2020 during an interview on ITV’s This Morning, in which she told presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield intimate details of her active love life.

Iris rose to fame after revealing intimate details about her sex life on This Morning



This included how she had used an entire tube of KY Jelly lube when the couple first got intimate.

She and Mohamed then got married in Cairo in the winter of 2021.

The couple had been separated for a year during the Covid pandemic, with Iris saying: “The grief is unbelievable.”

“I miss Mohamed so much, I just want to have him with me in the UK.”

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“If he didn’t get a visa, it would feel like the end of the world. It’s like he’s dead, but he’s not dead – he’s just missing.”

Mohamed added: “I miss my Iris so much.”

They met in a Facebook group researching atheism in the summer of 2019 and first met in November when mother of two Iris flew to Egypt.

Mohamed was working as a welding inspector at the time, but gave up his job to spend time with Iris when she came to Cairo.

The couple lives in a bungalow in Weston-super-Mare



He lived with his parents, two sisters and brother in a three-room house.

But now lives with his wife in her £220,000 bungalow.

Iris is living on a pension of £200 a week and disability benefits.

She previously said she hopes the trained engineer Mohamed can get work at the Hinkley Point power station.

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