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2022 was such a good year for TV shows, could 2023 top it? The boards are looking good with a ton of new and highly anticipated returning series heading our way.

Here are some of the 2023 TV shows to watch out for next year.

What new shows are coming out in 2023?

You – Season 4

Penn Badgley’s Charming Serial Killer Is Back For Another Season As Netflix Continues Caroline Kepnes’ Adaptation you book series.

In the fourth season, Joe starts again in a new town after getting away with murder again. We can go ahead and assume that the saying “new city new me” probably doesn’t apply in this case.

Publication date: February 10 (Part 1), March 10 (Part 2), 2023

Where to watch in Australia: Netflix

The Mandalorian Season 3

It was a long pause between the adventures of our friend Mando, who was last seen reuniting with his fledgling Grogu neighborhood in Boba Fett’s book.

The third season of The Mandalorian will see Mando and Grogu on another galaxy hopping adventure that takes them back to Mandalore and clashes with those who want the dark saber.

Publication date: February 2023

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

Secret Invasion

Marvel continues its hot streak of Disney+ shows in the MCU with a big lineup slated for 2023. The first series we’ll see is Secret Invasionstarring Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

The series adapts the iconic Marvel comic book arc in which the shape-shifting Skrulls assume the identities of powerful players around the world in their infiltration of Earth. Olivia Colman, Emilia Clarke and Ben Mendelsohn will also star.

Publication date: autumn 2023

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

The Witcher – Season 3

Image: Neflix

While 2022 brings us the release of spin-off series The Witcher: Blood Originwe’ll have to wait until 2023 to see Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia again.

The third season of The Witcher will tackle the next book in the series, The time of contempt, in which Geralt is still trying to protect his division, Ciri, from the dangerous forces that seek her power. Yennefer also comes along to help Ciri with her magical training, though things are probably still a little tense after that season 2 reveal.

Publication date: Winter 2023

Where to watch in Australia: Netflix

Shadow and Bone – Season 2

The Grishaverse continues on Netflix 2023 with the second season of the popular YA fantasy adaptation, Shadow and bone.

A handful of new cast members join the party for Season 2, and now that Alina, Mal and the Dregs are free from the Shadow Fold, the possibilities are endless for their Season 2 adventures. Whatever happens, expect Ben Barnes’ General Kirigan. to still be in pursuit.

Publication date: 2023 to be determined

Where to watch in Australia: Netflix

The Boys – Season 4

streaming june the boys s3
Image: Prime Video

Superhero satire series the boys showed us an even more gory and raunchy side of his superheroes in season 3 this year. Going into Season 4, things look bleak for the team with Homelander and Ryan on the same side.

We are optimistic about this release in 2023, but the boys has had a pretty good track record with annual releases, so we’re pretty confident we’ll still be seeing it sometime in 2023.

Publication date: 2023 TB

Where to watch in Australia: Prime Video

Queen Charlotte: A Story of Bridgerton

Jumping from the success of the hit period romance BridgertonNetflix has commissioned a spin-off series starring a young version of Queen Charlotte.

The series will reveal how Queen Charlotte rose to her position of fame and power. Golda Rosheuval, Adjoa Andoh and Ruth Gemmell will all reprise their roles and will be joined by new cast members who will play their character’s younger counterparts.

Publication date: 2023 TB

Where to watch in Australia: Netflix

Only Murders in the Building – Season 3

only murders in the building
Image: Disney+

Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin’s trio of lovable podcasters seem unstoppable in getting into trouble. The next season of Only murders in the building finds her embroiled in another murder mystery after a new friend dies suspiciously. Who did it? Start placing your bets.

Publication date: 2023 TB

Where to watch in Australia: Disney+

Ted Lasso – Season 3

ted lasso season 3
Image: Apple

It’s been a tough year without our favorite beacon of optimism, Ted Lassobut hopefully that will all change in 2023.

A third (and possibly final) season of Apple TV+’s hit comedy is on the way and not a moment too soon. We’d all like to know what happens next between coach Lasso and his protégé Nate, and if AFC Richmond can come out on top in the championship.

Publication date: 2023 TB

Where to watch in Australia: Apple TV+

The last of us

The last of us is a TV show that you don’t want to miss in 2023, regardless of whether you played the video game or not.

The series is set in a post-apocalyptic America ravaged by a pandemic that turns the infected into horrific zombies. The story follows a hardened survivor, Joel, who is tasked with guiding a teenage girl, Ellie, across the country.

The last of us is one of the greatest stories ever told in a video game, and it will no doubt be the same on television.

Publication date: 2023 TB

Where to watch in Australia: binge

Networks and streamers have a habit of dropping their new series without much warning, so keep checking this list in 2023 for more upcoming TV show release dates.

Looking for something on a bigger screen? This is coming to cinemas in 2023.

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