Top Gun: Maverick Star Talks Training For Shirtless Beach Scene, Remembers Hilarious Moment He Heard Co-Star Glen Powell Whisper To Himself

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick absolutely killed it at the box office, and there’s a certain shirtless beach scene that may have contributed to its success. (I mean a lot of fans are still) drooling over Miles Teller and company in the viral sceneIndependent thinking person star Lewis Pullman has now shed some light on the cast’s training for the series, in which he wasn’t actually that shirtless. He also remembered the moment he heard co-star Glen Powell whisper a hilarious mantra to himself.

Lewis Pullman plays Lt. “Bob” Floyd in the recently released blockbuster, and his character is a little different from the buff jet pilots we see in the movie. He’s a bit more reserved and frankly quite nerdy. Some may have assumed that Bob’s personality influenced the creative decision to have the character keep his shirt on during the soccer game on the beach. And in an interview with US Weekly, Pullman explained that this was indeed the reason he didn’t approve of Floyd taking his shirt off. During the chat, Pullman went deeper into Bob’s thinking regarding the scene. Here it is in his own words:

The entire cast was undergoing some serious impulse preparation to prepare for that scene. Everyone was working out like crazy. I played Bob, who is more of a library resident. I was like, you know, I think it’s going to feel a little discordant when Bob takes his shirt off and he’s a little ripped. I also think Bob wouldn’t take his shirt off. I think that’s a little awkward for him to do. I think he’s a bit more of a reserved, quiet man. He likes to watch things play out before he really settles into a situation. And so I was one of the few people who really didn’t hit.

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