Too $hort, despite being an accomplished rapper himself, called out the older generation in hip-hop for hating younger artists during an interview on the Big facts podcast with DJ Scream, Big Bank and Baby Jade.

“When you’re an OG and you watch these youngsters sliding into the game, they’ve got hit records… you see it and you go, ‘That shit is trash.’ How is it bullshit when this n***a makes all this money and all these people like what he does? Short asked. “Because when I was a young n***a they said it was garbage and I knew its value and I knew people loved it.”

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

He added: “You just hate them because it’s different from what you were doing. You hate it for saying he doesn’t spit bars. I talk to the young homies and they say he spits hard!”

He then went on to cite Young Thug as an example of a young artist whose music has sparked a generation gap in hip-hop. $hort admitted that he didn’t necessarily understand Thug’s music at first, but could immediately see that it had value for a new generation of fans and was therefore important.

Appreciating younger performers may be a lesson $hort learned the hard way after admitting in April that he refused to listen to a Kanye West beat in the early 2000s.

Check out $hort’s comments on the Big facts podcast below.