Tom Holland and Zendaya open up about marriage rumors

Everyone’s favourite Spider-Man The couple are officially taking their relationship to the next level, with news of Tom Holland and Zendaya’s engagement spreading fast last week.

But before you jump for joy, a telling Instagram story from none other than Zendaya’s own mother puts the rumors into question.

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On November 30, a Twitter account called pop beehive, which has more than 166,000 followers and describes itself as “the number 1 pop community in the world”, shared a photo of the couple and explained that they were “allegedly engaged”.

Despite not citing a source or revealing where these reports came from, the original tweet quickly went viral, gaining more than half a million likes.

However, the rumors were not completely left of the field USA weekly publishing an article the week before claiming the couple’s relationship was “serious and permanent”, after more than a year of dating.

A source told the outlet that Tom and Zendaya, both 26, “had plans for a real future together” and were “in rest mode”.


And so mass hysteria ensued, with Twitter accounts, fan pages and TikTok enthusiastically sharing the news.

Until Claire Stoermer, Zendaya’s own mother, seemingly set the record straight.

Claire took to Instagram and shared a cryptic Instagram story about the definition of “clickbait.”

Tom Holland Zendaya


“Clickbait usually refers to the practice of writing sensational or misleading headlines to attract clicks on a piece of content,” the quote reads. “It often relies on exaggerated claims or the omission of important information to encourage traffic.”

“The term is generally used in a dismissive sense,” the post continued.

Fans quickly concluded that the post was a direct response to the frenzied wedding-related rumors, and we can’t help but agree.

Zendaya and Tom are notoriously private about their relationship, so we’ll just have to wait and see if the rumors have any substance.

Tom Holland Zendaya


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