Tom Cruise’s tense 2005 interview with 60 Minutes’ Peter Overton resurfaces

“Return Your Manners”: Tom Cruise’s excruciatingly tense showdown with Nine host Peter Overton returns.

The excruciatingly awkward moment when Tom Cruise, during a 60 Minutes interview, laughed at veteran Nine journalist Peter Overton and told him to “reintroduce your manners” is making the rounds again.

Though it’s been 17 years since it first aired in Australia, the infamous clip was tweeted Friday by LA-based user @responsiblerob and has since garnered 2.2 million views.

As many Australians may recall, Overton sat down for an interview with the Hollywood star in 2005, but their conversation took an uneasy turn when he broached the subject of his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, whom Cruise had been with four years earlier. was divorced.

“Is Nicole the love of your life?” the Australian journalist asked, provoking a vehement reaction from Cruise.

‘What do you mean, Peter? Listen, we’re raising kids, you know… I mean, how do you answer that question?” he shot back.

When Overton pushed further, asking what kind of relationship the couple had after their divorce, Cruise snapped.

“You’re crossing the line now. You cross the line, and you know you are,” he replied, glaring at Overton.

The journalist argued that it was questions that “people want to know,” which Cruise dismissed.

“Peter. Peter. You want to know. Take responsibility for what you want to know. I’m just telling you now, okay, just get back into your manners.”

“Do you think I was out of line?” asked a stunned Overton, to which Cruise simply replied, “Yeah, absolutely.”

“Well, my sincere apologies for that,” the Nine’s presenter told him.

Overton spoke the infamous interview on the Kyle and Jackie O show in 2020, insisting that he had “no ill will” towards Cruise, despite their uneasy exchange.

‘What did you think then? When you get cheated on camera by Tom Cruise? You think to yourself, how do I look respectful, but also still responsible for the interview?” host Kyle Sandilands asked him.

Overton replied: “I just maintained who I am, and I didn’t get mad. He did. And I just kept to myself and said it was a fair question. I have no ill will towards Tom. It was one of those moments.”

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