TINTERA: Maria Saba: The passage of time…

INKPOT presents ­the first solo exhibition of Maria Saba in Cairo. In the main gallery, Saba presents four oeuvres from 2017 to the present, exploring issues of identity and place in relation to life between two countries and cultures: Egypt and France.

urban jungle (2017-2022) is a photographic series that evokes the relationship between body language and the urban environment. Focusing primarily on public spaces in both Egypt and France, the 15 black-and-white self-portraits are mounted on aluminum and displayed as street signs. yourself.

The series Virtual paintings (2020), are six time-based, photographic, performative and site-specific self-portraits. By revealing the slightest movement in the image, they emphasize both the temporal and the performative, immortalizing a moment and slowing down time, making the moment more visible. Without sound, these still, moving photos refer to the cinematic, yet retain their photographic form.

Also to see, The Virgin’s Suicide(2017-2022), is a multimedia installation consisting of a large self-portrait, a ‘death mask’ and an audio component.

Trying to say something (2020), is a short-lived experimental video using 16mm analog film that explores the extreme state of incarceration experienced during the lockdown of the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maria Saba (b.1996), is a visual artist who works with photography, performance and multimedia installations. Born in Cairo, Saba lives and works between Egypt and France. In 2011, she began to explore the medium of photography through self-portraits. Saba completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2018 and a Master of Visual Arts: Social and Political Actions from the University of Bordeaux in 2020. During her final years of studies, her understanding of what the camera can do as a tool grew as she grew. to recognize the impact of visual arts and photography on society.

INKPOT is a photographic art consultancy with a gallery in Zamalek, Cairo, and an office in London. Our aim is to raise the profile of both contemporary and historical photography in and of Egypt through a program of curated exhibitions, events and research projects. We represent artists from Egypt and elsewhere, emerging and established, with Egypt being the common source of inspiration in their work. We manage extensive private photo collections and advise on the purchase and sale of photographic art.

Maria Saba: The passage of time…
June 12, 2022 –July 5, 2022
17 Bahgat Aly Street, Zamalek, Cairo

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