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#Brett Foxwell #leaves #nature #stop-motion #video

December 20, 2022

Grace Ebert

Bay Area animator Brett Foxwell is drawn to the vast array of colors and textures in the natural world. His 2017 short film “WoodSwimmer” focused on the unique grain of cross-cut trees, and his latest project similarly focuses on organic diversity by highlighting thousands of leaves as they change from their summer to fall hues.

In the mesmerizing stop-motion, short, rapid flashes of foliage dance on the black background, highlighting a stem’s unique curvature, variations in veining, and the way green pigments flow from each specimen in inconsistent patterns. “As I was collecting leaves, it occurred to me that the leaf shape of every plant species I could find would fit somewhere in a continuous animated sequence of leaves if that sequence was extensive enough. If I didn’t have the perfect shape, it meant I just had to get more leaves. collection”, he says about the project.

“The Book of Leaves” accompanies Foxwell’s larger project “Leaf Presser”, a trippier animation of the same nature, which you can find on Vimeo along with his other works. (via The Kids Should See This)

A still of an autumn leaf

An animated gif of leaves in different colors from summer to autumn

#Brett Foxwell #leaves #nature #stop-motion #video

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